Modern Impressionist

Wellington’s Arch

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Oil on Canvas: 120 x 120cm

Here is a suitably autumnal painting which is the second of 3 I have in this series of colour; the first being ‘A Rainy Day At The National Gallery’. I’ve painted them at different times but all are from one afternoon in London last autumn. I wanted to build on the semi abstract texture in the reflections from the ground and blend them into the murky background of a typical grey day in London even while the background hum of light turns the grey into hint of olive green.

I have good memories of Wellington’s arch in good and bad weather. I was a student nearby and my halls were just off Hyde Park so when I was training for my first London marathon I would make the most of Constitution Hill and The Mall being closed to cars on a Sunday. I always thought it was Queen Boadicea in her sword wheeled chariot on top and although I don’t think that’s correct now, it did make me smile as I zipped by in my racing wheelchair.


  English (UK)