Modern Impressionist

An Afternoon in Orvieto - Italy

ovieto italy contemporary oil painting krackowizer
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Oil on Canvas: 120 x 120cm

It was a hot August afternoon and the family decided an ice cream in Ovieto was calling. Well it really was hot and I spent a lot of time watching the world go by sitting in the shade. I conceived this moment in time when sitting on the Piazza della Rebublica looking down ‘Corso Camilio Benson Conte di Cavour’. That street is worth painting just for its name.

I used a slightly more abstract style in this large painting and the trick is to see how much wine you need before you can see the 11 people in the street. I used a much smaller knife than usual with random directions in stroke. This gives a rather out of focus look which is what i was hoping to achieve. For those of you who like my textured work, this one is up there with the best.

For those wanting to visit, Orvieto is a city and commune in Province of Terni, South-western Umbria, Italy and has good ice cream.

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