Modern Impressionist

Hope Square - Liverpool Street Station

impressionist Oil Painting Hope Square - Liverpool Street Station
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Oil on Canvas: 120 x 100cm

This is a scene at one end of Liverpool Street train station looking towards the MacDonald's and up towards the Gerkin, which is slightly obscured by the rainy weather and space-age lights they have in the court yard. I think it's called Hope Square as this is the same square where the 'Children of the Kinderstransport' statue is.

I had just been dropped off by a bus and despite the rain there was a lot of bustle. I rather like the lighting and was intrigued by how many people were standing under umbrellas chatting on their phones. The girl with her back to us in the middle of the picture has her dog with her, chatting away presumably on her way into the city.

Although it's evening, autumn, dark and rainy I feel the painting has a warm glow in the sense that after a long walk in the rain, a hot pasty or chocolate cake and cup of tea is inviting. There's a lot of characters milling through the painting, I hope you enjoy.

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  English (UK)