Modern Impressionist

St Pancras Station - No Strangers

Contemporary Impressionist painting St Pancras
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Oil on Canvas: 120 x 80cm

St Pancras is a very interesting station and different from most due to its split levels. Upstairs where the trains leave from is peaceful with a tranquillity that washes over you as you ascend the escalators. It may be the high roof, it's also the lack of noise or lack of traffic; either way this is where the Grand Champaign Bar is that I have already painted.

As you descend the escalators down to the ground floor it all changes. It becomes a cross roads between everything else; busses, the underground, Luton Airport Express, taxis, sandwich shops, cafes and through routes. The hustle and bustle is amplified by the low roof giving a sense of mild disorder. In contrast to my last painting of the Champaign Bar, I wanted to capture this energy and so have used this energetic and vibrant style; no straight lines with edges blending. There are gaps in the low ceiling where you get a glimpse of the roof and it is at this cross road I chose for the composition. Amongst this buzz however is a couple – maybe they just said good bye or are about to say hello – in their world the station is otherwise empty.


  English (UK)