Modern Impressionist

Tranquility in Budapest

contemporary impressionist oil painting paddington train station krackowizer SML
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Oil on Canvas: 120 x 80cm

This is a painting from last autumn in Budapest. It's at the tram stop by Chain Bridge and very close to where I painted Greener Grass a few years ago. I still like the buzz of this area and with it being on the Danube, the setting sun casts extravagantly long shadows. The result is a combination of warmth and chill depending if you're in the sun or not.

In this painting I also wanted to build on depth with a much stronger foreground image (the fence post) while creating interest in the rather large, unbroken floor area by going a bit Jackson Pollack on it. I'm building on the style I touched on in the puddles of my last painting, The National Gallery. I hope you enjoy.

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