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Covent Garden Market Hall

Oil on canvas 100 x 100cm

Covent Garden Indoor market hall is a lovely open space that has a lot of the same metal work and glass structure that I like so much in a lot of London’s train stations. My first impulse was to paint the hall in a similar style to London Paddington, but not to the edges as in The Bank of England. Then a few hours into the painting I started with this patchwork and decided to go with it.

I realise it might take a while to see what’s going on. Once you see the red railing and stairs, plus the adult and 2 children standing to the right, it might start to come into focus. I realise this is a bit more abstract than my norm and I rather like the outcome. The colours are vibrant, the painting is interesting close and from afar and although an abstraction, it is a cityscape in my eye. I hope you enjoy it too.

I've added the inital sketch I did on the canvas so it may make it easier to follow my thoughts.
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Covent Garden Oil Painting

Extra Comments on Delivery and My Limited Edition Prints

p style="text-align: justify;">The artist print on canvas quoted above is a limited edition of 5 at the original size and is sold stretched over a wooden frame ready to be hung. This series is a 'Relief Geclee', which is a technique I've been working on where I apply a thick, textured clear acrylic coat to the print. This captures the lights in a similar way to the original, produces a textured effect that adds personality, individuality and realism to each of the limited editions. The result is a very good reproduction of the original. Each print is signed, dated and numbered on the back as well as coming with a certificate from the publishing company (signed by myself and the publisher) confirming that the series at the original size on canvas is limited to only 5 copies.

For more details and a picture of the certificate see my Terms page or contact me directly from here.